Meds Tracker v1.1

Download for Windows PhoneJust submitted an update to Meds Tracker on the Windows Phone Marketplace. This one’s a little one but should be noticeable as it has a couple of features that I think should have been there from the beginning.

Here’s what’s new:

  • List of meds is now sorted; next to be taken first
  • Added colored icons that provide status on the meds in the list
  • Bug fix: Instead of showing “1 day ago”, it now shows “yesterday”
  • Show time it was last due if it was due today; if it was due yesterday or earlier it just shows the number of days overdue
  • Fixed tile images to be better spaced

Calendar Calculator v1.2

Download for Windows PhoneJust submitted version 1.2 of Calendar Calculator to the Windows Phone Marketplace. It should be available in the next day or so.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Made the countdowns page the default page. What used to be the first page to come up is now linked to from the countdowns page in the app bar and called the “calculations” page
  • Moved from context menu to app bar button for deleting countdowns. The context menu was a little flaky and far from discoverable; this should be significantly more obvious to users
  • A countdown is always selected. This will minimize the chance that someone will try to delete one when none are currently selected
  • Add a better splash screen than the default one
  • Remove page titles on pages where they’re not necessary; this should make it feel a little less tight when the SIP keyboard is visible
  • Move About button to a menu item on Countdowns page
  • Changed the bullet image used on the Calculations page to something better than the lame squares

Meds Tracker v1.0

Download for Windows PhoneJust submitted our second app to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. This one’s called Meds Tracker and is pretty self-explanatory: it helps you track when you last took and when the next time is you need to take your medications, supplements, or vitamins.

This first release provides the core set of functionality but I’ve got a few more features I’m going to work on next before moving on to a third app.