Meds Tracker v1.9

Download for Windows PhoneI just submitted the latest version of Meds Tracker to the Windows Phone Marketplace; it should be available later this week. This one includes a much requested new feature that I’ve ended up calling “fixed” schedules as that’s how most users who emailed me asking for it referred to it as well.

Basically, the “fixed” schedule option allows you to maintain the same schedule you started with regardless of when you last took your meds. When using the “sliding” schedule option (which is what I’ve named the only scheduling model available in previous versions), the next time to take your meds is calculated based off of the last time you took them. This is still what some users may want for certain medications but the new “fixed” option should be really useful for others.

Note that you have to specify “fixed” or “sliding” per medication in your list and all of the meds you already had in your list will automatically upgrade under the “sliding” model. To have them use the new “fixed” option, you’ll need to edit each med, click on the “fixed” button, and set the next time you want to take that medication. The new fixed schedule will be based off that time from that point forward.

If you have any questions or feedback, use the “Send feedback” button in the app to reach me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I get a chance.