Calendar Calculator v1.10

Download for Windows PhoneJust submitted the latest update to Calendar Calculator to the Windows Phone Marketplace. This update includes a couple of features that I’ve been getting plenty of requests for:

  • Added a “Countdown Details” page that comes up when a user taps on one of their Countdown items. The page defaults to showing the number of years, months, weeks, and days to or since the event. The display is configurable though by simply tapping on the various cells to toggle them on/off. This is useful for those folks who’ve been requesting the ability to see just the number of weeks remaining, etc.
  • I know of two users who lost all of their Countdown items as a result of the theft protection feature that wipes your phone after too many incorrect pin attempts. While I’m not yet providing a backup to the cloud feature, this version includes a new “share countdowns via email” feature that can be used to send yourself your countdown items for backup or to share them with a friend.
  • It also included a couple other minor changes but nothing anyone would really notice.