Calendar Calculator v2.0

The latest version of Calendar Calculator for Windows Phone 7 (specifically 7.1 Mango) is now available. Here are the most notable improvements in this version:

  • Live tiles support. More will come around this but initial support allows you to select an event you want to show on the back side of the app’s tile.
  • Recurring events. This has been a highly requested feature from users that makes it very easy to track events that recur every year (e.g., birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). Turn this on for any events you want to always have the next and last instance of it in your list of countdowns.
  • Fast app switching support. Mango has lots of improvements on this front and this update of Calendar Calculator makes the most of them. Switching back to the app now should be nearly instantaneous in most cases.
In addition, there were a few minor bug fixes but nothing major or really all that noticeable. I’m going to work on updating Meds Tracker next and then will get back to the next set of popular customer requests for Calendar Calculator.