‘Windows Phone Daily’ Review

Just realized Calendar Calculator got a nice (and fun) review over on WindowsPhoneDaily.com. Here’s the main quote:

I’ve been toying around with this little app for a few days and I have to say it’s genuinely more useful than a normal calendar. Seeing just how much time you have before you get screwed on an assignment is a nice way to manage a hectic lifestyle.

Read the full review here. Thanks to the Windows Phone Daily folks for checking the app out!

Meds Tracker v2.01

This update includes support for a few more Mango features:

  • Live tiles support. Pin Meds Tracker to your front page of tiles and you’ll now see the next medication you need to take and when exactly to do so.
  • Reminders. Enable this on any medications you want to get a reminder when the time comes to take your next dose.
  • Fast app switching. Takes advantage of the new advances made in Mango when switching between apps. Meds Tracker should be really fast to switch to and from now.
  • Bug fixes. Fixed some minor bugs around tombstoning.

This release has several key features that customers have been asking for since v1.0. Very happy to get it out there finally.