About Zinko Labs

Hi, I’m Gus Perez and Zinko Labs is really just me. I’m just a guy who loves to design and build software. It just so happens that mobile apps turn out to be the ideal way for me to satisfy my desire to create through code: apps are relatively small, have a bunch of details I can focus on, and can really provide a fair amount of value and usefulness to users.

That said, this is really just something I do in my spare time outside of my day job (Director of Engineering at Microsoft working on Visual Studio). That means there are times when I’ll spend several nights and weekends working hard on apps, but there are even more times when I won’t have any free cycles for weeks. However, I’m always open to any feedback from users and have so far been able to respond very quickly to any bug reports.

Finally, you can find more about me on my personal blog and I’m also on Twitter (@gusper). Thanks for stopping by and I sincerely hope you’ve found at least one of my apps useful.