Calendar Calculator v2.03


Download for Windows PhoneJust got notified that the latest update for Calendar Calculator has passed the certification process.  That usually means users will start seeing update notifications within the next 24 hours.

This is just a maintenance release that includes some changes that should make it significantly more stable in some very rare corner cases I’ve heard about from two users and it also adds automatic crash notifications that makes it very easy for users to send me more additional details on any crashes they run into that will be very helpful to have when trying to debug problems.

‘Windows Phone Daily’ Review

Just realized Calendar Calculator got a nice (and fun) review over on Here’s the main quote:

I’ve been toying around with this little app for a few days and I have to say it’s genuinely more useful than a normal calendar. Seeing just how much time you have before you get screwed on an assignment is a nice way to manage a hectic lifestyle.

Read the full review here. Thanks to the Windows Phone Daily folks for checking the app out!

Calendar Calculator v2.1

Download for Windows PhoneHere’s another update of Calendar Calculator. The notable changes this time:

  • Redesigned the Live Tile layout. It now shows at all times (not just when the background tile flips over momentarily) and it looks a whole lot nicer now.
  • Tweaked layout of pages to now use the System Tray to also display the app’s title. The end result means there’s now more space for more content which is a better use of space.
That’s all for now. Enjoy!

Calendar Calculator v2.0

The latest version of Calendar Calculator for Windows Phone 7 (specifically 7.1 Mango) is now available. Here are the most notable improvements in this version:

  • Live tiles support. More will come around this but initial support allows you to select an event you want to show on the back side of the app’s tile.
  • Recurring events. This has been a highly requested feature from users that makes it very easy to track events that recur every year (e.g., birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). Turn this on for any events you want to always have the next and last instance of it in your list of countdowns.
  • Fast app switching support. Mango has lots of improvements on this front and this update of Calendar Calculator makes the most of them. Switching back to the app now should be nearly instantaneous in most cases.
In addition, there were a few minor bug fixes but nothing major or really all that noticeable. I’m going to work on updating Meds Tracker next and then will get back to the next set of popular customer requests for Calendar Calculator.

Calendar Calculator v1.10

Download for Windows PhoneJust submitted the latest update to Calendar Calculator to the Windows Phone Marketplace. This update includes a couple of features that I’ve been getting plenty of requests for:

  • Added a “Countdown Details” page that comes up when a user taps on one of their Countdown items. The page defaults to showing the number of years, months, weeks, and days to or since the event. The display is configurable though by simply tapping on the various cells to toggle them on/off. This is useful for those folks who’ve been requesting the ability to see just the number of weeks remaining, etc.
  • I know of two users who lost all of their Countdown items as a result of the theft protection feature that wipes your phone after too many incorrect pin attempts. While I’m not yet providing a backup to the cloud feature, this version includes a new “share countdowns via email” feature that can be used to send yourself your countdown items for backup or to share them with a friend.
  • It also included a couple other minor changes but nothing anyone would really notice.

Calendar Calculator v1.2

Download for Windows PhoneJust submitted version 1.2 of Calendar Calculator to the Windows Phone Marketplace. It should be available in the next day or so.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Made the countdowns page the default page. What used to be the first page to come up is now linked to from the countdowns page in the app bar and called the “calculations” page
  • Moved from context menu to app bar button for deleting countdowns. The context menu was a little flaky and far from discoverable; this should be significantly more obvious to users
  • A countdown is always selected. This will minimize the chance that someone will try to delete one when none are currently selected
  • Add a better splash screen than the default one
  • Remove page titles on pages where they’re not necessary; this should make it feel a little less tight when the SIP keyboard is visible
  • Move About button to a menu item on Countdowns page
  • Changed the bullet image used on the Calculations page to something better than the lame squares