Introducing Meds Tracker Free

I just submitted a free (ads-supported) version of Meds Tracker to the Windows Phone Marketplace. The paid version will still remain and I intend to support both versions, ‘Meds Tracker’ and ‘Meds Tracker Free’, going forward. The only difference between them will be that the free version will be serving up advertisements.

I’ll post once again when I get notification that it’s live in the Marketplace and update the Meds Tracker page to point to the two flavors of the app at that point.

Refill reminder bug in Meds Tracker v2.03

Turns out there was a bug in the latest update of Meds Tracker. The summary is that the new Refills reminder support ends up crashing in what I’m sure is a pretty common user scenario. A new update (v2.04) was submitted this morning with a fix but users will not likely see that till early next week as it needs to get through the certification process. In the meantime, the workaround is to just not use the refills reminder feature and you should be good until you’re able to upgrade to v2.04.

Sorry I missed it in my testing. On the bright side, it helped validate one of the other new features, crash notifications, is working as expected.

Meds Tracker v2.03

The latest update of Meds Tracker was just submitted to the Windows Phone Marketplace. Here’s what current users will see when the update hits their phones later this week:

  • Usability improvements. Reduced the number of taps required for the most common user actions (e.g., taking meds). Instead of having to select a medication and then tapping the ‘Take’ button, a single tap of the medication will now bring up the ‘Take Now’ confirmation page. That’s now two taps instead of three. To ‘Edit’ a medication, you just need to tap-and-hold a medication on the list until the context menu appears with the ‘Edit’ option.
  • Refill reminders. You can now set when you want to get reminded to refill each medication. You’ll get a regular Windows Phone reminder and will also see a notification on the main list of meds when the refill date is in the past.
  • Shelve meds. You can now temporarily pause taking a medication and Meds Tracker will stop reminding you to take it, move the medication down to the bottom of the list, and no longer list it as overdue. In previous versions, many users ended up deleting medications they stopped taking as they would pile up at the top of the list and get in the way.
  • Streamlined several page layouts. The goal is to show more relevant information at the right time and unclutter the pages that started to get too dense.
  • New ‘Notes’ field. Each medication now has a ‘Notes’ field that users can use to store whatever they feel is important. The ‘Take Now’ confirmation page now also shows these notes which is particularly helpful to remember specifics around dosage information or other instructions when taking each medication.
  • Built-in Crash Reporting. This is something I recently added to some of our other apps which makes it easy for users to help us diagnose crashing bugs in our apps. This is one feature I hope no users ever see but provides invaluable help our debugging efforts.

Hope you all find this update useful and please keep any feedback coming!


Calendar Calculator v2.03


Download for Windows PhoneJust got notified that the latest update for Calendar Calculator has passed the certification process.  That usually means users will start seeing update notifications within the next 24 hours.

This is just a maintenance release that includes some changes that should make it significantly more stable in some very rare corner cases I’ve heard about from two users and it also adds automatic crash notifications that makes it very easy for users to send me more additional details on any crashes they run into that will be very helpful to have when trying to debug problems.

Meds Tracker v2.02

Just got notice that the latest update has passed certification. That usually means users should start getting the update later today. There’s a fair amount of new stuff under the hood in this update that was needed for the next version but it does mean users won’t see much of a difference functionality wise this time around. Here’s what you will see though:

  • “What’s New?” notifications. The first time you launch Meds Tracker after an update you’ll now see a description of what has changed. Sometimes new features got in but users had no way of discovering them other than by chance. These notifications should help that significantly.
  • New Zinko Labs branding. Switched everything from pointing to my personal blog to the new Zinko Labs domain instead. The splash screen and About page also got a bit of a facelift along the way.
  • Slight tweaks to Live Tile layout. Nothing big here and probably not even noticeable.
  • Disclaimer. Not exciting but necessary.

I’m already working on the next version which should include some usability improvements and I’m hoping to get a few frequently requested features in as well.


‘Windows Phone Daily’ Review

Just realized Calendar Calculator got a nice (and fun) review over on Here’s the main quote:

I’ve been toying around with this little app for a few days and I have to say it’s genuinely more useful than a normal calendar. Seeing just how much time you have before you get screwed on an assignment is a nice way to manage a hectic lifestyle.

Read the full review here. Thanks to the Windows Phone Daily folks for checking the app out!

Meds Tracker v2.01

This update includes support for a few more Mango features:

  • Live tiles support. Pin Meds Tracker to your front page of tiles and you’ll now see the next medication you need to take and when exactly to do so.
  • Reminders. Enable this on any medications you want to get a reminder when the time comes to take your next dose.
  • Fast app switching. Takes advantage of the new advances made in Mango when switching between apps. Meds Tracker should be really fast to switch to and from now.
  • Bug fixes. Fixed some minor bugs around tombstoning.

This release has several key features that customers have been asking for since v1.0. Very happy to get it out there finally.

Calendar Calculator v2.1

Download for Windows PhoneHere’s another update of Calendar Calculator. The notable changes this time:

  • Redesigned the Live Tile layout. It now shows at all times (not just when the background tile flips over momentarily) and it looks a whole lot nicer now.
  • Tweaked layout of pages to now use the System Tray to also display the app’s title. The end result means there’s now more space for more content which is a better use of space.
That’s all for now. Enjoy!

Calendar Calculator v2.0

The latest version of Calendar Calculator for Windows Phone 7 (specifically 7.1 Mango) is now available. Here are the most notable improvements in this version:

  • Live tiles support. More will come around this but initial support allows you to select an event you want to show on the back side of the app’s tile.
  • Recurring events. This has been a highly requested feature from users that makes it very easy to track events that recur every year (e.g., birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). Turn this on for any events you want to always have the next and last instance of it in your list of countdowns.
  • Fast app switching support. Mango has lots of improvements on this front and this update of Calendar Calculator makes the most of them. Switching back to the app now should be nearly instantaneous in most cases.
In addition, there were a few minor bug fixes but nothing major or really all that noticeable. I’m going to work on updating Meds Tracker next and then will get back to the next set of popular customer requests for Calendar Calculator.

Calendar Calculator v1.10

Download for Windows PhoneJust submitted the latest update to Calendar Calculator to the Windows Phone Marketplace. This update includes a couple of features that I’ve been getting plenty of requests for:

  • Added a “Countdown Details” page that comes up when a user taps on one of their Countdown items. The page defaults to showing the number of years, months, weeks, and days to or since the event. The display is configurable though by simply tapping on the various cells to toggle them on/off. This is useful for those folks who’ve been requesting the ability to see just the number of weeks remaining, etc.
  • I know of two users who lost all of their Countdown items as a result of the theft protection feature that wipes your phone after too many incorrect pin attempts. While I’m not yet providing a backup to the cloud feature, this version includes a new “share countdowns via email” feature that can be used to send yourself your countdown items for backup or to share them with a friend.
  • It also included a couple other minor changes but nothing anyone would really notice.