Linksmith v0.2.11 — Search text within URL

Just submitted version 0.2.11 of Linksmith. This update adds support for specifying the text you’re searching for somewhere other than just the end of the URL. While this isn’t needed all that often (most sites expect your search text at the end of the URL), it’s still useful for the few that require it.

For example, if you add the following URL to your list, the %s below with the text you searched for:

If the URL you provide doesn’t specify %s anywhere, your search text will be automatically appended to the end of the URL.

Linksmith v0.2.10 — Omnibox support

The latest version of Linksmith, made available today, adds support for searching from Chrome’s address bar (i.e., Omnibox). To enable this new support, a shortcut can be specified for each site you want to access through the Omnibox. You could then, in the address bar, type LS, followed by either TAB or SPACE. You’ll then see the Linksmith prompt appear at which you can provide the shortcut, space, and the text you want to search for.

Linksmith, a browser extension


I’ve spent a few days learning more about popular web development technologies and somehow ended up building a Chrome browser extension that I think may be useful handy to have. It’s a simple extension that makes it a little bit easier and faster to look stuff up on websites. It’s called Linksmith and, if you’ve got Chrome installed, you can install it from the Chrome Web Store.

I do have a few more features I intend to add so expect to see at least a few more updates shortly. Let me know what you think If you end up giving it a try!