I’ve been working on a site for a few weeks now and think it’ll be useful for guitar players (new and experienced). It’s called and it’s essentially a backing track search engine that makes it really easy for you to find a track to jam/improvise to. On top of that, it shows you a chart of the fretboard with the safe notes to play along with other helpful information such as the scale degrees and CAGED system positions, etc.

I’d really appreciate any help in getting the word out. Here are some of the ways you could help out:

I’d also love to get any and all feedback you have. There’s a lot I still have in the plans, but it would be great to get any thoughts from folks using the site on how it can be improved. Easiest way to do that is on any of the pages linked to above or just shoot me an email.

Introducing Peekify


PeekifyIf you ever find yourself listening to playlists on Spotify and curious to know who’s song is playing, you may find Peekify useful. If you’re like me and are always listening to playlists of music you haven’t listened to before and find yourself constantly having to switch to Spotify and back, then Peekify may be a perfect match for you.

Peekify takes up a tiny sliver of your screen to show the currently playing song’s title and artist. When Spotify moves on to the next track, Peekify momentarily displays the newly playing song’s album art, song title, artist’s name, and album name. If you want to give it a try, download it from the Peekify page.

Here’s a quick zoomed-in screencast of Peekify in action:peekify

Linksmith, a browser extension


I’ve spent a few days learning more about popular web development technologies and somehow ended up building a Chrome browser extension that I think may be useful handy to have. It’s a simple extension that makes it a little bit easier and faster to look stuff up on websites. It’s called Linksmith and, if you’ve got Chrome installed, you can install it from the Chrome Web Store.

I do have a few more features I intend to add so expect to see at least a few more updates shortly. Let me know what you think If you end up giving it a try!

Meds Tracker v2.19 — Backup to OneDrive


The latest version of Meds Tracker is now available on the store and it finally has support for backing you meds list to your OneDrive account. This feature is now available in both the paid and free versions of Meds Tracker which means it should now be painless for users who start with the free version to upgrade to the paid version (no ads and richer scheduling support). It also comes in handy for other scenarios like upgrading to a new phone and not having to re-enter all of your medications again.

You can read more info on how backup/restore works here. Lastly, this update only works on devices running Windows Phone 8.1. Users running Windows Phone 8.0 or earlier devices and still use the previous versions of Meds Tracker but new updates will only be happening for users of the 8.1 or newer versions of Windows.

Calendar Calculator v2.03


Download for Windows PhoneJust got notified that the latest update for Calendar Calculator has passed the certification process.  That usually means users will start seeing update notifications within the next 24 hours.

This is just a maintenance release that includes some changes that should make it significantly more stable in some very rare corner cases I’ve heard about from two users and it also adds automatic crash notifications that makes it very easy for users to send me more additional details on any crashes they run into that will be very helpful to have when trying to debug problems.

CalendarCalc v1.0


View in iTunesDecided to give the iOS platform a try and figured it made sense to provide a version of our most popular Windows Phone app, Calendar Calculator. We’ve called it CalendarCalc and is now available on iTunes.

It’s a more basic version of its bigger brother but does still offer all the core functionality (countdowns to events and date calculations).

Gifty v1.0


Download for Windows PhoneGifty is our third app for Windows Phone and should be available on the Windows Phone Marketplace very soon. The app makes it very easy to track gift ideas for your friends and family so when the time comes to buy one you’re not trying to come up with a good idea under pressure.

Linksmith v0.2.11 — Search text within URL

Just submitted version 0.2.11 of Linksmith. This update adds support for specifying the text you’re searching for somewhere other than just the end of the URL. While this isn’t needed all that often (most sites expect your search text at the end of the URL), it’s still useful for the few that require it.

For example, if you add the following URL to your list, the %s below with the text you searched for:

If the URL you provide doesn’t specify %s anywhere, your search text will be automatically appended to the end of the URL.

Linksmith v0.2.10 — Omnibox support

The latest version of Linksmith, made available today, adds support for searching from Chrome’s address bar (i.e., Omnibox). To enable this new support, a shortcut can be specified for each site you want to access through the Omnibox. You could then, in the address bar, type LS, followed by either TAB or SPACE. You’ll then see the Linksmith prompt appear at which you can provide the shortcut, space, and the text you want to search for.

Meds Tracker v2.20 — Bug fixes

Just submitted an update to the store which should start making it to devices in the next couple days. This one has a few layout tweaks as well as a fix (finally) to a somewhat rare case where the live tile layout was broken.

Problems emailing support?

I just learned from a customer’s comment on our Facebook page that email to the account had been failing. I’m not sure how long it’s been down but it’s now back up and working as far as I can tell.

If you tried to contact me lately and the email bounced, I apologize and ask you please try again. Thanks!

Meds Tracker v2.14 – Three new features

The latest version of Meds Tracker is now available and comes with the following goodness:

  • Instead of just setting the next reminder, it now sets several in advance. This was a much requested feature as users wanted to keep getting reminders/alarms even when they didn’t get a chance to go into the app and record the fact that they took their meds on time. Note that you’ll still have to record the various doses you took inside the app eventually as there’s no way for the app to know otherwise.
  • In addition to hours and days, you can now specify the frequency you want to take a medication in minutes. This allows for scenarios such as 45 minutes or 90 minute frequencies instead of the previous restriction to whole hours when using the ‘fixed’ or ‘sliding’ schedules.
  • For those who have chosen to use the audible alarm setting for reminders, you can now specify ‘quiet hours’ in the settings page. This allows you to set a start and end time during which any alarms will revert back to simple (and more quiet) reminders). This was also a pretty popular request ever since I added support for audible alarms.

Already working on the next version of features and hope to have that out sooner than later.

Meds Tracker v2.13 – Minor update

Just submitted the latest version of Meds Tracker to the Windows Phone Store. It should be available in a few days. Only noticeable change is that the medication name is now (once again) included as part of reminder and alarm notifications. You still need to launch the app to let it know you’ve taken the medication but you at least no longer have to open the app to know what medication you’re being reminded to take.