Download for Windows PhoneIsn’t it frustrating when you come up with great ideas for gifts but end up forgetting them? If you answered yes, you’ll want to check out Gifty.

Gifty is a simple but effective app that makes keeping track of your gift ideas easy and never to be forgotten. All it takes is adding the names of those you ever buy gifts for to the list and grouping them into one of the three categories: family, friends, or others. Next time you come up with a great idea, launch Gifty, tap on the person the gift is for, and type in the idea you have in mind as well as any relevant notes (size, color, store, etc.). From that point on, your ideas will always be just a couple of taps away.

Eventually, when those ideas turn into actual gifts, you can tell Gifty you’ve bought them and they’ll be automatically archived. This enables you to have a way to look back and review the gifts you’ve given including any notes you made on them and when you bought them.


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