LinksmithDo you frequently find yourself copying some text to the clipboard, browsing to a site, pasting in the text, and clicking on a button to fire off the search? If so, Linksmith can help you more quickly reach your intended web destination. All you need to do is type in (or paste) your search text into Linksmith and click on the site you want to look it up on.


  • Customizable list of sites to search
  • Omnibox support (e.g., type LS, space/tab, TW, space, text and you’ll search Twitter)
  • Mouse support via Action button on Chrome’s toolbar

Linksmith comes with a few example sites you can check out to see how it all works. You’re also able to add your own custom sites so you can customize it to work best for you.

The simple “magic” is how Linksmith constructs the URL to the site for you. (I know, mind blowing, right?) This initial version just does a simple concatenation of the URL and your search text. A future version will support inserting the search text somewhere in the middle of the URL.

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