Meds Tracker – FAQ

What’s the difference between ‘fixed’ and ‘sliding’ schedules?
It’s best to use an example to make it really clear. Let’s say you add a new medication that you want to take every 4 hours starting tomorrow morning at 6am. If you select a ‘sliding’ schedule and end up taking the med at 6:20am, the next time Meds Tracker will ask you to take your next does will be at 10:20am as that would be 4 hours since you last took them. If you had selected a ‘fixed’ schedule, the next time to take the medication would have been at 10am. The ‘fixed’ schedule maintains the original schedule while the ‘sliding’ schedule bases itself off the time of your last dose.
I’ve enabled the ‘Live Tiles’ setting but I’m not seeing the Live Tile. What am I missing?
Enabling the Live Tile setting in the app doesn’t also pin the app to your start page (the main list of tiles on your phone). That means you won’t automatically see the Live Tile when you enable it in the app if you haven’t already pinned the app. To pin the app, just go to the list of apps (swipe left on the start page to get to the big list of apps with small icons and app titles), scroll down to ‘Meds Tracker’, tap-and-hold it till you see the context menu show up, and then tap the ‘pin to start’ option. You should then see the next medication you need to take in the Live Tile.
Where can I learn more about how the backup and restore to OneDrive feature works?
That question has its own page here! If it doesn’t answer all of your questions, please send me a mail and I’ll add to the information already available.