Backup and Restore Information

More information coming soon. In the meantime, here’s a basic outline of what I intend to describe here:

  • Backup and Restore support is only available on Windows Phone 8.1 and currently only in our Meds Tracker and Meds Tracker Free apps.
  • Backup files are stored in your “Documents” folder under a “Zinko Labs” folder.
  • The file name the app looks for is “appname_data.xml”. E.g., for Meds Tracker, it will be looking for a file called “medstracker_data.xml” inside your OneDrive’s Documents\Zinko Labs folder.
  • You can only have one backup at a time. However, you can manually make copies of the file and keep them somewhere else as a secondary backup. Probably a good idea if you really want to minimize the chances of you having to do a lot of data entry with your thumbs (again).
  • The OneDrive account used is the one you’re signed into your phone with. There is no support for using other accounts others at this point.
  • Finally, note that by using the backup/restore feature, you’re sending your medication list across your Internet connection to your OneDrive account. Our apps would otherwise keep your data locally on your device. Our apps do not send your user data to our servers at all.

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