Meds Tracker v2.13 – Minor update

Just submitted the latest version of Meds Tracker to the Windows Phone Store. It should be available in a few days. Only noticeable change is that the medication name is now (once again) included as part of reminder and alarm notifications. You still need to launch the app to let it know you’ve taken the medication but you at least no longer have to open the app to know what medication you’re being reminded to take.

Meds Tracker v2.02

Just got notice that the latest update has passed certification. That usually means users should start getting the update later today. There’s a fair amount of new stuff under the hood in this update that was needed for the next version but it does mean users won’t see much of a difference functionality wise this time around. Here’s what you will see though:

  • “What’s New?” notifications. The first time you launch Meds Tracker after an update you’ll now see a description of what has changed. Sometimes new features got in but users had no way of discovering them other than by chance. These notifications should help that significantly.
  • New Zinko Labs branding. Switched everything from pointing to my personal blog to the new Zinko Labs domain instead. The splash screen and About page also got a bit of a facelift along the way.
  • Slight tweaks to Live Tile layout. Nothing big here and probably not even noticeable.
  • Disclaimer. Not exciting but necessary.

I’m already working on the next version which should include some usability improvements and I’m hoping to get a few frequently requested features in as well.